Wood-Fired Bread, Meat, Pizza Fish Outdoor Oven Real Wood Real Flavor Escape The Indoors ™

Wood-Fired Bread, Meat, Pizza Fish Outdoor Oven Real Wood Real Flavor Escape The Indoors ™
  • Sorry UK Mainland Delivery Only Not Islands or Highlands Ask For Delivery Cost
  • Includes Free Baking Dish, Pizza Peel & Fire Retention Guard, Spare Fire Brick
  • Fast Heat Up Time up to 350-400 in 30 minutes, 100’s sold around the world
  • Resistant to Cracking Weighs 59kg (39 Kg with bricks removed) Easy to locate/install Real Wood Real FLAVOUR
  • Fire bricks certified to contain no toxic substances accredited by NP EN ISO / IEC 17025

This RED Portuguese wood-fired oven can be used to cook almost any food., it has 60 x 60 cm internal cooking space, measures 70 x70 x 98 cm high inc stainless steel flue. The oven weighs aprx 55 kg. The cooking floor has fire bricks tiles under which is a ceramic blanket to provide heat insulation/ retention. The oven is wrapped with a aluminium skin (black or red) The Maximus oven has an innovative design with a stainless steel baffle, which allows the hot smoke to travel back to front inside the oven consequently extracting more heat. This system utilized in most modern EPA heating wood burning stoves. Flue 140 mm. STAND NOT INCLUDED (available in our Amazon Shop) The Benefits The Maximus has several beneficial features compared to traditional ovens: Weight – a traditional brick oven can weigh upwards of 500kg which makes it a difficult to install (requiring forklifts or cranes etc) or has to be built in situ, both these options are costly. Cracking – nearly all brick develop some degree of cracking caused by heat and cold weather. The Maximus has a front made from high quality refractory cement, internal stainless steel liner all protected by an aluminium external skin. Quick heat up time – the thermal mass of a small traditional brick oven can take at least 1.5 hours to heat up. This oven can reach 350-400 in only 30 minutes. Ease of use – simplicity itself! just light your fire When it reaches your desired temperature, pop your food inside, stand back and watch your food being cooked to perfection. The temperature is easy to regulate with air vents on the door & flue Oven opening 37cm x 22 cm  Get Ready For Summer With The UK’s Best Value Wood-Fired Ovens order today! If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us , Outdoor Kitchen is part of the H2o Kayaks Group Please allow 2-4 working days Kerbside delivery Only Pallet Delivery assembled Authorised UK distributor – All our ovens are supplied with full manufacturers warranty

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