Jamie Oliver Garlic Slice ‘n’ Press, Garden, Lawn, Maintenance

Jamie Oliver Garlic Slice 'n' Press, Garden, Lawn, Maintenance

Garlic Slice ‘n Press By Jamie Oliver The Jamie Oliver Garlic Slice ‘n Press is an all-in-one garlic prep tool that crushes or slices garlic depending on your recipe. The innovative press design removes garlic skin while crushing the clove to save time and keep hands clean. Or feed a peeled clove through the slicer chamber for perfectly thin garlic slices. The Slice ‘n Press is cast from zinc, making it extremely durable but also lightweight. Key features: Large-sized bowl for all sizes of garlic Dual chamber slices or crushes Cast zinc body for durability Dishwasher safe Measures approximately 7-1/5 by 1-2/7 by 1-8/9 inches Designed by celebrity-chef Jamie Oliver and DKB Household. Use your Slice ‘n Press with this and other Jamie Oliver recipes: Garlic, thyme & anchovy (or bacon) baked potatoes “Everyone loves a baked potato and this is one of the tastiest ways to make them. Slice, fill, then fit them back together.” SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS 2 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed4 tablespoo

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