Indian Curry Recipes: Tasty Indian Curry Recipes

Indian Curry Recipes: Tasty Indian Curry Recipes

The best sauce that could match so well with rice was Kari as the people from Sri Lanka called it. The British on the other hand invented a more dynamic dish as time went on. This was when the curry was founded by the Britons.

Any dish that falls in the line of hot stew these days is called curry. We have the African, Indonesian, Thai and Malaysian curries at this particular moment.

The main ingredient is coconut milk plus some bit of chilies. Depending on the geographical area of the country, all her neighbors will be preparing the same dish of curry.

The way the Thais prepare their curry is so different from the methods used by other countries. They use wet spices which are not cut into small pieces. This type of cooking is found all over Southeast Asia hence that’s their tradition.

On the other hand, Indians have opted for a different method of cooking their curry which makes them different from the Thais. Their spices are in most cases dry which makes it easy for them to prepare this lovely dish.

Their curry consists of roux which is then sprinkled with minced onions after which they are cooked for 30 minutes to make a lovely meal.

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