In-Oven In-BBQ Grill and Smoker Digital Meat Thermometer-Kitchen Timer-Instant Read Meat Thermometer With Oven Probe-Touchscreen Kitchen Cooking Thermometer- Perfect for In-Oven Roasts and Meat Smoker

In-Oven In-BBQ Grill and Smoker Digital Meat Thermometer-Kitchen Timer-Instant Read Meat Thermometer With Oven Probe-Touchscreen Kitchen Cooking Thermometer- Perfect for In-Oven Roasts and Meat Smoker
  • SAFE – Every cut of meat is different so it is important to have the internal meat temperature correct to be cooked safely – especially when you are cooking poultry or pork. No danger of anyone getting sick from undercooked poultry. This digital meat thermometer makes cooking meats much safer and more consistent. With the leave in probe, you no longer have to open the oven door, take out the roasting tray to check how well the meat is done. No more burnt hands! No more loss of heat!
  • BONUS – Comes with a SPARE STAINLESS STEEL PROBE. Promotional discounts apply for buying 2 or more. Makes a great gift. Have one for oven cooking inside and one for bbq food outside. Turn hubby into a true pit master, using temperature rather than time to determine when his bbq meat is done. Contact seller for illustrated How to Use Manual and Meat Temperature Guide.
  • SIMPLE TO USE – Take all the guesswork out of cooking roasts with this oven thermometer. Now you don’t have to depend on knowing cooking times for meat. Just select a pre-programmed temperature setting for your cut of meat and forget until the alarm goes off – your meat is done – what could be simpler? You only need to push three buttons on the digital touchscreen and it’s all preset. You’ll feel like a pro the first time you use this food thermometer. Easy to use and extremely accurate. No apps required. Simple clean up.
  • FEATURES – Instant read thermometer. Clear and easy to read digital numbers on backlit touchscreen. Pre-programmed pre-set temperatures for many types of meat, poultry and fish. Customizable manual temperature setting also available. Countdown cooking timer with easy to hear alarm. 3 feet 3 inch long heat resistant steel cable with 7 inch meat probe can be left in oven or bbq with the door or lid shut. 500 farenheit. Compact stylish digital thermometer display unit sits on bench. Unique digital touchscreen for easy setting. Temperature readout is clear fast and accurate.
  • USES – This probe thermometer works equally well for oven cooking and for outside bbq and grilling. Now you can have perfectly cooked bbq meat – no more raw chicken or overcooked steak! Use this to grill many different meats and poultry. No more dried out overcooked bbq turkey and chicken. This digital thermometer with probe will make sure they are properly cooked but still moist and juicy. Cooking with temperature rather than time is the way to go with a smoker as well. Now you can rest assured that your 0+ prime rib roast will be a success. No need to cut into your Tri-Tips to see if they are done. This digital temperature sensor is also good for confectionary making to test the temperature of boiling sugar.

Take all the guesswork out of roasting and grilling

Every serious cook knows that the only reliable method to determine how well meat is cooked is with a meat or grill thermometer. Determining the correct cooking time requires experience and skill. Now you can cook your lamb and beef to your preference – well done, medium rare or rare. Just choose the setting and let the thermometer do the rest. This probe thermometer comes with suggested cooking temperatures for several different meats, poultry and fish. You won’t need to look up the cooking temperature with the pre-set temperatures.

Versatile, portable and efficient

Use indoors and out. The probe can be used in a grill, barbecue or oven. The wire lead is long enough for the probe to be left in your meat and the oven door to be closed on it without damaging the seal. A pot lid can close on the wire, and the lid to your griller or smoker can also be closed securely on the wire. No heat will escape. Now there’s no need to open the oven and check.

There will be no left overs!

This temperature sensor thermometer will turn you into a great home cook. Imagine roasting a medium rare whole eye fillet without the stress and worry of how it might turn out. It makes big family bbq get togethers a whole lot easier.

This clever kitchen gadget makes a perfect gift or a welcome addition to the arsenal of a busy cook.

Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included)

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1 year warranty

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