Electric Pressure Cooker: 2 Manuscripts: Quick and Easy Recipes for Stovetop and Instant Pot!

Electric Pressure Cooker: 2 Manuscripts: Quick and Easy Recipes for Stovetop and Instant Pot!

Cooking for two? No problem – this book contains Instant Pot Chicken and Beef Recipes that cater to two people. And that is part of what makes this book so special.

Electric Pressure Cooker: 2 Manuscripts

– Healthy, Easy & Delicious Electric Pressure Cooker CHICKEN Recipes!
– Healthy, Easy & Delicious Electric Pressure Cooker BEEF Recipes!

Need to rustle up a roast chicken in less than an hour?

Want to make your own chicken stock and soups without waiting for hours for them to be done? Dust off your pressure cooker and explore as we work through recipes that are both impressive and simple to prepare.
We have a basic chicken recipe that allows you to prepare chicken in bulk so that you have a base that you can use with many different recipes. Need to quickly rustle up some BBQ chicken wings for the big game? This book shows you how. Want something with a little more flair?
The Chicken Tortellini is one of my personal favorites.

Beef Pressure Cooker Cookbook

When you are under pressure at work, the last thing that you want to do is to have to spend hours in the kitchen preparing dinner. You want to take some time off to completely relax.
But cooking takes so long – takeout is so much easier!
Now you don’t need to make a trade-off between saving time in the kitchen and eating healthy food.
With your pressure cooker,

you can prepare tasty meals from scratch in less than half the time it would take normally.

In addition, aside from frying your onions, pressure cooking is largely a dump-and-go operation.
Put the food in the pot, set your timer and spend your time doing something more fun. I am sure that you can come up with something more fun than sweating over a hot stove.


Pressure cooking is easy, it is fun and it saves a lot of time and effort.
Most recipe books for pressure cookers focus on cooking for a family. It’s no surprise – pressure cookers are great for that as well.
But if you’re only cooking for two


For healthy and tasty recipes for two people, check out this book.

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