3 Large Picnic Breakfast Boards Square Approx. 42 cm x 20 cm Tray, Dishwasher Safe, Natural Wood Chopping Board, Beech Wood

3 Large Picnic Breakfast Boards Square Approx. 42 cm x 20 cm Tray, Dishwasher Safe, Natural Wood Chopping Board, Beech Wood
  • High quality beech wood/wear-resistant thanks to tangential cut line/Made from a single piece of natural wood
  • Gentle on knives thanks to their fine-pored structure, high cut resistant and dishwasher safe * *
  • Untreated surface without lacquer, natural wood without glue or chemicals.
  • Classic – Timeless Retro Design, Fully rounded edges, reversible
  • Solid wood 16 mm, 3 pieces, size of each board 42 cm x 20 cm, with wooden handle (including hole for hanging)

Premium dishwasher-safe * * by BTV * Olive Tree *: Timeless and sturdy 16 mm Board, Bread Board, classic serving platter, cut-resistant carving and breakfast boards
Wooden boards made from pure natural wood without adhesive and plastics, set offer, as well as size/Number of boards according to Photo and brief description above
Our high quality standard Beech Wood Kitchen boards stand out thanks to long service life, high breaking and resistance to wear, excellent cut resistance as well as knife protection as well as taste neutrality. This is achieved through the special manufacturing process (tangential cut and fine sharpening), which ensures a fine-pored surface structure. Fully rounded and precision ground edges and a high heat resistance can be used, e.g. as a trivet for hot pans, can be used on both sides.
* * All of our Beech Wood Kitchen boards have been Dishwasher tight tests: landläufig is recommended for untreated wood the kitchen Hand Wash Only and dry naturally (also available in it for our Bread Boards a holder), sometimes it may be it lubricates e.g. with rapeseed oil. This can’t be so praktizieren from microbiological point of view, but it is on a regular basis for any kitchen board a scrubbing motion with 55 °C in the dishwasher. Our natural wood change they are also so comfortable that you’ll hardly in the surface structure and the colour just slightly (depending on frequency A Little Grobporiger and/or darker) and keeps even at clean and dry Large retain the desired shape, a solid warp in the dishwasher (more than 3 mm per side) was seen has not been seen up until now. We recommend that after a hand or machine conditioner has an extensive air dry (we will prepare the lighting voltage according to ambient temperature approx. 1 – 5 days), so the boards completely dry when not in use.
We wish you much pleasure on your board/set.

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